23 June 2006

Less Than Sane!!

Ok. I know I am forgetting something.. But as I'm already running 6 hours late, I hope I have the important things..

Alex.. Check
Tent.. Check
Fishing pole.. Check
Sleeping bag and pillow.. Check
Hammock.. Check
Fire extinguisher.. Check

Yep. I have all the must have items.. ARIZONA HERE WE COME!!

See you soon!! Just wish all of you were gonna be there (Tif-do).. And I hope those of you who don't have to drive for days and days to get there really feel sorry for those of us who are making the trek.. I have 1400 miles to do each way.. And Alex isn't such a good driver, so I have to do that all by myself... Wish me luck!!

21 June 2006

Big Brother W IS Watching!

Being as I have a bazillion things to do before I head out on Friday, I really don't have time to be writing here, but I can't stop thinking about this.

My friend E has returned to the states from Belgium where she's been studying and interning at the embassy. She'll be at Princeton working temporarily before taking a few weeks of vacation and then returning to Belgium to work at the embassy and get yet another masters degree...

Anyway, not wanting to be without a phone while here, she went yesterday and bought a pay-as-you go phone. A couple hours later, she got a phone call. NOT from someone in her family or a friend that she would have given the number to. She got a phone call from the US Ambassador to Belgium, calling from Brussels. How is it that he has her number??

This government has gotten out of control! You know how when you call a customer service number and you get the standard recording, "This call may be monitored for quality control"? I feel like every time I make a call now, I should be hearing someone say, "This call may be monitored for a myriad of reasons that you have no right to know about. Do not be afraid. Big brother will keep you safe."

I don't feel safe. I do, however, have a bad case of the heebie-jeebies!!

I wish I could understand ONE policy that this administration has. Just one!! Are YOU a republican?? Please help me understand.. I really want to!! (not that democrats are perfect, but that's not my current point)

Why is it ok if the guy down the street has a collection of assault rifles, that the government has no right to require him to register, but E can't buy a cell phone without them keeping tabs??

Why is it ok to open public lands to development for things like oil, natural gas, and logging, but the corporations shouldn't be heavily regulated protect the environment??

Why should a 15 year old girl be forced to have a child, even though she might be pregnant because she was brutally raped by her father??

Why do I not have the right to fall in love and get married, even though (at the time of her death) my PE teacher and her girlfriend had been together longer than my parents??

Why are corporations making billions of dollars so we can occupy Iraq, but Portland will have to close another 5 schools this summer (making it 11 in two years)??

When did WE THE PEOPLE lose control of our government? When did corporations and religious organizations take control?? And how long will you accept it??

17 June 2006

Sad Day in the 'Couv

Last night I almost took myself out for a pizza.. Now I really wish I had.. My favorite pizza place burned..

A fire ladder sits outside Vancouver Pizza after a two-alarm fire was extinguished.

Two-alarm fire damages Vancouver Pizza

09:27 AM PDT on Saturday, June 17, 2006

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A two-alarm fire broke out Saturday morning at Vancouver Pizza in downtown Vancouver, causing substantial heat and smoke damage, firefighters said.

The fire was reported at about 2:15 a.m. Investigators say bleach fumes from dried towels helped spark a fire at The Vancouver Pizza Company at about 2 a.m. Saturday morning. A passer-by noticed the flames and called the fire department.

Firefighters say the fire spread to C. Roberts Hair Design nearby. Both are located on Main Street in Downtown Vancouver.

Crews called a second alarm after seeing lots of smoke pouring from the business, located at 22nd Avenue and Main Street.

The extra manpower helped firefighters put out the fire in a few minutes.

Investigators say the pizza restaurant suffered the most damage, an estimated $100,000. The salon faces about $3,000 in damages.