24 December 2008

Happy Christmas!!

I honestly didn't think this morning would ever get here, or if it did, that it would work out, but it looks like I just may make it to my parent's house for Christmas. We've had the most horrible weather here. Snowfall that never looked like it would end might have actually stopped. For a week this area has been a mess. We had 8 inches of snow followed by a half inch of ice followed by another 4 inches of snow. Hundreds of flights cancelled, leaving thousands stranded at airports, train stations, and bus depots. I've checked the flight tracker countless times, and I now think there's a good chance all will go as planned..

This is the first time I've been to my parents' home for Christmas or spent it with them and/or my brother in 20 years. There was this one Christmas that we all briefly ended up at my G'ma VH's house the Christmas after my Grandpa died, but that was just by luck.. This is going to be so strange... And if it actually works out, very nice...

Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas!!!


Blogger tif-do said...

I'm glad you got to spend Christmas with your family. And glad there was a break in the weather. I can't believe how bad the weather got... I'm a little happy to be out of that north country for awhile!

1/04/2009 7:21 AM


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