07 November 2007

The End of the Story...

While listening to public radio the other day, I heard a story in which a boy was told that, "all stories have a happy ending." When the boy questioned this, the lady replied, "If it doesn't have a happy ending, then the story isn't over.".. Now, I'm not sure I buy that theory, but for this week it seems at least plausible..

Alex went in for her follow up test. I was a nervous wreck as I dropped her off a the vet, and being as I had been up all night for work, I went home for a nap until they called for me to pick her up.. Being the bad "mom" I am, (and Tif-do, Alex says this so trumps you forgetting a piano lesson) I forgot to turn up the ringer on my phone.. Alex hates nothing more than being locked in a cage (PTSD following a night in the pound) and had to spend two hours longer at the vet than she needed to.. A special treat and all was forgotten, but the guilt I felt.. Then came the waiting for results, which was awful! But then the vet tech called and said that everything was ok.. Not sure I was buying this, I had to have more information.. OK?? How could it be ok? Something had to have caused the original results.. Well, it turns out that there are a couple other things which could be causing this enzyme to be elevated, arthritis being one, which wouldn't be good, but nothing to be really concerned with.. Now, don't you think they could have told me this from the beginning, instead of making me freak out two weeks and be sad everytime I looked at her????? But I won't complain about the ending of this story....

In other news, CAT and I continue our fishing quest. We found the place where the fish are.. We spent hours sitting on the bank, poles in the water, and watched the fish mock us as they happily jumped all around us... I've never seen so many big fish jumping! But there they were, even swimming along the bank so we could see them laugh at our sad attempts to catch one.. And NOT ONE bite!! I however did catch a fish.. Sort of...

I reeled in my line and was wondering why the worm seemed so much bigger than when I put it out, and then I saw this odd little fish hanging onto the worm.. Maybe that doesn't really count as catching a fish, but it was better than the nothing that CAT caught :)


Blogger tif-do said...

Alex is right... However when Wyatt was 5 I forgot to pick him up from school and Dorothy Staggs had to call and tell me to come pick him up. I will never stop feeling the guilt from that one. I'm so glad that Alex is okay!

11/07/2007 8:15 PM

Blogger Carter said...

What a beautiful story. I loved the "happy ending" part - the story isn't over yet...
So happy about Alex. What would we do without her? She's such a part of this family and she is loved by so many little cousins far and near. Every time I go into the pet store to buy crickets I always want to buy her a treat, but then I would feel bad if I got something that you are totally against her eating. Kinda like I am w/ what our kids eat. I have no clue what would be a "healthy" dog treat and what would be like giving them pure processed crap that gives her the runs. The same way with toys, I look at them and wonder if they would drive you nuts w/ the squeaking or if she would rip into it and choke on plasic bits - don't want that on my hands!

keep having fun you and carter. alright love ya~ talk with you soon.

11/08/2007 6:34 PM

Blogger abeNanna said...

Our next door sons dog has just recovered from an extended bout of Parvo. She had shots and all, but fortunately it was happy ending there also. Don't know how SLA would have done losing another animal in such a short amount of time. Besides Big Ole Blue would have missed his chew toy.

I think that your fishlet is quite wonderful. Nice to know they grow that large in the mighty waters up north.

11/13/2007 3:26 PM


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