24 May 2006

Just A Couple Flowers..

Since it's definitely spring, though the weather seems to not realize this at times, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the flowers growing in my back yard.. But know that I take NO responsibility for them. They just grow on their own.

I LOVE my rose bush. I only wish it wasn't on the back side of my garage.. It's like 10 feet tall and doesn't even fit in the picture..

There's one branch that insists on trying to take over the inside of the garage as well. This makes it kind of difficult for Alex to go in and out the "doggy door" (hole that I cut in the wall).. Good thing she almost never gets locked in the garage / dog run area of the yard..

This really old purple flowering tree is a favorite of the bees...

And though I'm very much not a fan of the color pink, even the pink rose bush has some pretty flowers..

08 May 2006

Happy Holiday??

Did you know that it's a holiday?? It is. It's No Socks Day!! Seriously.. I couldn't make something up this ridiculous.. And what is the point of No Socks Day?? They figure if we give up wearing socks for one day, it will mean a little less laundry, thereby contributing to the betterment of the environment. So, give your washing machine a break and let your feet be free. It's No Socks Day!

(I wonder if Hallmark is working on a card line for this?)

06 May 2006

Slight Progress

I've lived in my house now for 5 years.. And for 5 years I have been compiling a list of things that needed to be done. I'm so good at starting things. I even go as far as purchasing the supplies, but then I get distracted and figure, "It's my house. It's not going anywhere. I'll finish it later.." Of course, later never comes, and the list grows and grows.. But I just finished painting the living room.. I couldn't be happier with it, so I wanted to brag a bit.. And now I think I'll grab a beer and go sit in my living room.. :)

*Note* the floor is strangely dark in this pic.. However, I'm thinking of redoing them this color..

03 May 2006


This one's for Leaner... We were chatting about shedding animals the other day and she couldn't understand just how much Alex sheds.. I just finished pulling fur from one of her shoulders. Yes, at this time of year when she's losing her winter coat, you can just pull it out. You don't even have to brush it (it took me all of 2 minutes. and though the pic makes it hard to see, the pile is almost as high as it is wide). Trevor will never have to worry about being the shedder of the family...