06 May 2006

Slight Progress

I've lived in my house now for 5 years.. And for 5 years I have been compiling a list of things that needed to be done. I'm so good at starting things. I even go as far as purchasing the supplies, but then I get distracted and figure, "It's my house. It's not going anywhere. I'll finish it later.." Of course, later never comes, and the list grows and grows.. But I just finished painting the living room.. I couldn't be happier with it, so I wanted to brag a bit.. And now I think I'll grab a beer and go sit in my living room.. :)

*Note* the floor is strangely dark in this pic.. However, I'm thinking of redoing them this color..


Blogger tif-do said...

Wow that looks terrific, keep up the good work!

5/06/2006 8:22 AM

Blogger hairball said...

Ooooooooo prretty!!

5/06/2006 10:49 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

You know.. With all these nice comments, I just may have to finish the rest of this place, if only to be able to post pictures (I have pictures of my dining room and entry way that I'll post later)... I've bought paint for my "office"; "Distant Thunder".. That may be my next project that gets finished..

5/06/2006 12:21 PM


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