26 March 2006

Night on the town..

I'd long since had the soundtrack and the video, but when I found out that CATS was coming through town on it's 25th anniversary tour, I knew I had to see it live. And though the show itself wasn't all that I'd hoped (I don't think I'll ever understand why Grizabella ascends into the sky on a spaceship type contraption at the end), the night as a whole was spectacular.

I'd figured that I needed to find someone to go with me, so one day while at the day center putting to together the latest puzzle, I decided I'd ask my friend in the suit if he'd go with me. He excitedly agreed and tickets were bought.

Last Monday he moved into an apartment and, no longer having to reside in his tarp covered hovel, it was cause for a great celebration. We decided that we should have dinner before the show, and when I picked him up from his apartment we were both ready to go find somewhere special to eat.

We came across this posh wine bar near the theater, where we drank martinis with our amazing dinner. We talked and laughed until it was time to head to the theater. He in his suit, me in my "dress up" clothes, in this fabulous bar, acting like we were "somebodies"..

The theater was old and beautiful. And, though I couldn't help but wish I'd bought my tickets earlier (we were sitting almost where the second picture is taken from), it was a joy to be finally seeing CATS live.

After the show we thought it wise that we let the lemming masses exit the parking garage while we went and found a place to have a drink. It was my mistake to offer to let him choose the location. Used to trekking across town, he chose somewhere that was literally a half mile away (yes, I checked on Mapquest, so it's not a melodramatic exaggeration). I'd be happy to go on a stroll through downtown under normal circumstances, but my shoes were less than cooperative, and by the time we returned to my car each step had turned into torture.

Still, the night was a resounding success, and when I dropped him off in front of his apartment building I knew that, though I'd gone way beyond my budget, the smile on his face was more than worth every cent...


Blogger leaner said...

Glad you were able to treat him to such a special night. It sounds like such great fun!

3/27/2006 7:51 AM

Blogger tif-do said...

I'm so jelouse. I've always wanted to see CATS and Phantom of the Opera. Of course I've never got to see either, and probably never will living up here where nothing exciting comes...ever!

3/27/2006 9:27 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Yeah, it was a blast. I told him that he has to hurry and find a job so that we can buy tickets to see Wicked (a musical about the wicked witch and the good witch in their pre-Wizard of Oz days). That's the play that both of us are really wanting to see and it'll be here in mid-september..

And tif-do,

CATS has been playing for 25 years! In another 25 years you will probably be able to find it playing somewhere and take your grandkids to see it.

Phantom's the same way. I think it came through here the year before last. And I just went on ticketmaster and found that it's still out and about on tour. So don't give up on your quest to see either..

In another 5 years or so, when your kids are old enough to leave for a weekend, maybe you could fly over here and we'll go see a show.

3/27/2006 10:05 AM

Blogger tif-do said...

I don't want to wait 5 years. But it might take me that long to afford to fly there. I guess I should get a job.

3/27/2006 10:10 AM

Blogger Pen-nut said...

I would love to go and see a Browadway show. That's on my some day list. Jason has been to a few, and tells me how wonderful they are.

3/31/2006 8:09 AM


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