09 March 2006


Being as there isn't much going on with me, I thought I would catch everyone up with others that I've blogged about.

My friend C still isn't doing well with regards to her cousin Pepper's murder. They have yet to find her husband, and though he's not officially a suspect, they have labeled him a "person of interest". Sometime last week he went back to his house and cleaned up the blood and mess. He also left a note for his daughter apologizing for all she's going through, as well as his wedding band and a photo of himself.. C's family had a memorial service for Pepper last Friday but didn't tell C about it. I guess it was more important to her aunt to have C's mom there.. Understandably, the whole situation just continues to be very hard on C.. Also, I thought this was odd, though the body has been cremated, the family can't do anything with the ashes. Her husband is still "next of kin".

On Tuesday, C wanted the newspapers that I've been picking up for her. I made her come to me so she would have to leave her apartment. This was something she really needed to do. After she used my computer to look up the latest info, I took her out to lunch and then introduced her to Geocaching.. I had a feeling it was something she would really enjoy.. We intended to find one that was a multi-cache, but when the last point ended up being in the front yard of a business, we decided to come back for it when someone wasn't looking at us through the front window.. I had the locations for two others already in my GPS unit, so we went off in search of them. Unfortunately, it had been several months since I put the coordinates into the unit so I couldn't recall any of the vital information of what exactly we were looking for. Still, we did find the last one we searched for, and C was hooked.. She can't wait to go again..

My jigsaw puzzle friend from the day center is in the final process of getting housing. He's been working for a temp agency and decided it was time to get a place to live. He's so excited. We've been working on a puzzle that I picked up at the local hobby store. It's an abstract painting of a horse. Once it's done, he's going to glue it together to hang on his living room wall. He was wearing his suit again today, and I asked him if he'd put it on someday soon and go somewhere with me. He said he would, and I just now went on Ticketmaster.com where I bought us tickets to see Cats on March 24th. I've been planning to see it, but didn't want to go alone. It will be so much fun to go with him..

My fish Stick has almost completely recovered from his days of being munched on by his tank mate. All his flipper fins are back and his tail is progressing well...

That's about all that has been going on. And now that I've wasted as much time as I can, I should get to cleaning this house. Grandma's favorite grandkid is coming to visit and I need to get this place in order before he arrives on Saturday.. It will be so nice to have him here. Those of you who regularly get visitors have no idea how exciting this is. My mom, sister-in-law, and niece came to visit once but that was over 18 months ago. Other than that, I've had no visitors so this is a real treat.. Perhaps he will come back to AZ with tales of his grand adventures, and I'll have to start taking reservations.. :)


Blogger hairball said...

only if you want a toddler chasing you cat and dog ;)

3/10/2006 4:26 PM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Absolutely.. Alex loves to be chased!!

3/11/2006 12:07 AM

Blogger leaner said...

I would love to come visit. Maybe someday...
I know Rhayn would love to see Alex, but I think if I did, I would leave her home, and just bring the wee one. Oh well... maybe this summer? When I need a break from the heat... and life. It would be great fun! I have never been in that area at all!

3/11/2006 4:48 PM


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