26 January 2006

Mystery Solved!

It's time to end the debate over the DQ slushy once and for all... After I finished my stint at the day center where I'm volunteering, I stood in line in the wind and drizzling rain (sorry hairball, it doesn't seem to want to go south yet), freezing my butt off so that I could solve the mystery, the mystery of the Mr Misty...

This is it- the Artic Rush. After a lengthy discussion with the woman in the window, I can report that it is in fact the very same Mr Misty, only renamed.. And after having a "red" flavored one, I can also say that it is still just as good... Why did they rename it? I guess we'll never know... But this case is now closed.......


Blogger leaner said...

If there was wind and drizzling rain, why were you buying a frozen drink? Brrr... makes me cold just thinking about it!
But thank you for clearing that up!

1/27/2006 10:30 AM


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