14 March 2006

CAT's Left Coast Adventure: Part 1

CAT and I are having such a wonderful time on his trip!! Therefore, I thought I should post a synopsis of our adventures so you can all see what we've been up to (and perhaps entice some of you to plan your own left coast adventure)... His plane arrived on Saturday an hour late. I think the pilots in Phoenix were afraid of the approaching rain.. I met him at the airport and we drove into Portland where I pointed out some of the sites, along with the grass, trees, rivers.. All those things he's surely read about, but rarely sees.. I didn't really have a game plan for Saturday so after a brief driving tour we went to a brewery/restaurant that over looks the river for an early dinner.

On Sunday, after the required trip to the bagel shop, we headed out to the coast. We stopped to see the largest spruce in North America. He's never been to the Red Wood forest so this was the largest tree he'd ever seen..

It was a bit chilly on the coast, but the clouds were beginning to part so it was going to be a lovely day. We stopped in Cannon Beach which is a dramatic way to start a first visit. The view from the overlook is just beautiful. We drove down to the beach where I attempted to fly my kite. It was probably the only day ever that it wasn't windy enough.

From there we drove up through Astoria (CAT had asked where the movie "Goonies" was shot), and over to Cape Disappointment where we toured the
North Head Lighthouse. We'd gotten there just as they were about to close so we were able to climb to the top. The clouds had departed and the view was just amazing.

Then it was back to Astoria where I showed him where the sea lions lounge on the docks. He thought this was just crazy, these big fat beasts taking over the dock right in town. I tried to convince him it was better than Sea World...

We helped free some keys that a couple had locked in their car before heading back down the coast to Seaside. There we had a great dinner of steamer clams, swordfish, and various other seafood. Then there was a stop at
The Candyman's salt water taffy store where we were both humored by the flavors.

Monday I had to volunteer, but I just transported food instead of hanging out. CAT and I had gotten an early start to the day, so before going to the day center I took him to
The Kennedy School. The same brewery, McMenamins, that has the restaurant on the river bought this old elementary school and have turned it into a pub/ restaurant/ soaking pool/ hotel/ brewery/ and movie theater. (They have many historical places like this; schools, lodges, a ballroom). CAT thought this was a great idea.. It still has a lot of "school" decor. The theater is in the old auditorium, and the hotel rooms are former classrooms (complete with original chalkboards). And it's a place that all you moms could appreciate.. They have special "Mommy Matinees". Today they are playing King Kong, and "Parents with infants are encouraged to attend this special matinee. Crying babies allowed!!"

After we got done transporting lunch we headed out to
Multnomah Falls, the second highest year round water fall in the US. It's about 25 miles east of downtown Portland and there are miles of hiking trails around there. We didn't get to do much hiking since CAT was meeting his former boss for dinner and some Jewish holiday celebration.

Today he is up at
Timberline, hopefully not breaking himself as he tries to snowboard.. They have 5 lifts, and currently have a 203 inch base with 3 inches of new snow.. You can often ski up there all year long, and I hear it has a great snowboard park.

Tonight I'm taking him to eat my at my favorite pizza place,
The Vancouver Pizza Co. where they have 7 different kinds of sauce, 8 kinds of cheese, and over 30 different toppings.. Too bad it's not summer. It's nice to sit outside on the sidewalk and people watch while enjoying the best pizza ever...

Tomorrow we are headed out in search of something very special, but you'll have to check back in to see what it is....


Blogger leaner said...

Sounds like a busy time! What a lot of fun! I will totally devote a bit more time later to check all of your links, too. For now its time to make dinner. I wish there was a mommy matinee here! I would love some seafood, too. Yum.

Yeah, you've made me want to come visit you, hmmm, I wonder how I could swing it? LOL

3/14/2006 3:51 PM

Blogger hairball said...

Oh crap!! you let noodle snowboarding????!!! that is his most prone to disaster sport ever....tell him a message for me. "Noodle, you know better and sadly why can't you learn from the last time." oh well, you can't stop that guy from enjoying life and nobody ever should. "have fun big/little brother, i have a spoon and a tuning fork waiting for you at home." have noodle tell you that story sometime alex's human.

3/14/2006 11:19 PM

Blogger Hayduke said...

me and me brood want to visit too. me likes brewery, pizza, brewery, old school rooms, lighthouses, brewery, oceanic views, and me likes hanging out with me cousin doing the same.

We also would love to see the Astoria, we love the goonies.

have fun with CAT and give him a hug and a toast from his MI family.

3/15/2006 4:37 AM

Blogger leaner said...

Ok, more and more jealous of CAT... lucky him to get to see those things! I am so down for a visit.

(if I rearrange the letters of the word verification it says WET COVE! geesh, its telling me something isn't it?!)

3/15/2006 7:23 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Happy to report that CAT returned from snowboarding intact. We actually have SNOW here so, when he happened to not be upright, there was something soft for him to land in. So, hairball, no tuning fork and spoon will be required.. LOL

Leaner; I'm laughing at you being jealous of CAT. I LIVE here, and can do this stuff all the time.. If you could swing it, I'd love to have you (or anyone else) visit..

And yes, Hayduke, I know it's only a matter of time before I get to take you and your brood to all the happening places around town..

PS; Wait til CAT gets back and shows you the pics of the mountain! There was just a BIT of snow up there, and he had a great time....

3/15/2006 10:09 AM


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