17 March 2006

CAT's Left Coast Adventure: Concluded

CAT and I had such a fabulous time, and thought I should share the events of the second half of his trip... Sorry, I didn't take pictures. He did, so hopefully he'll show them to you, or I'll post some after he emails them to me..... (or I'll post them anyway for those of you who are far away)

Wednesday, after we went in search of the "Original Stash" (only getting lost twice), we went up through the
Columbia River Gorge. I wanted to go to a couple wineries. The first place we went to was kind of scary, Hood River Vineyards. (This was the best website I could find for it, and the only one that actually had a picture of the building, but the lady working there was very nice.) The next place we went to, Cathedral Ridge Winery, was more along the lines of what I thought a winery should be. They had pretty good wine, and we got to meet the mascot, Rusty.

Then we went to
Big Horse Brew Pub where we had wonderful burgers with sweet potato fries. It was a really cool place that overlooked the Columbia River. Definitely somewhere I'd go back to. I'd wanted to drive back into the 'couv on the Washington side of the river, but not wanting to pay the toll (turns out it was only $ .75) we drove about 10 miles further up the river before crossing over and heading home.

CAT hadn't been out and about at night, with the exception of when he met up with his friend and his family. I decided I needed to drop him off in downtown Portland while I went off to work. I get off about 2:30 and that's when things close so I hoped he would find somewhere to have a bit of fun.. When I picked him back up, he looked as though he had a fabulous time, though he classified it as "interesting" (as he couldn't stop giggling)..

Yesterday, before heading over to the Day Center to transport food, we went and found another Geocache. I live in the neighborhood of Carter Park, and since I knew there was a geocache in the nearby park (Carter Park), it seemed like a must do activity.. Before taking him to the airport, CAT and I headed downtown where we drove around in search of a sushi bar. Funny how we had driven by at least a dozen a few days prior when we weren't looking for one.. After driving up and down a myriad of one way streets, we finally located one and luckily the food was pretty good. (Except for when he ate BAIT.. Salmon eggs are definitely not something to be consumed by humans!)

I was quite sad when I dropped him off and hope he returns soon.. Perhaps I'll someday convince him to come up and stay....


Blogger TLC said...

so much fun it looks like you had! hope someday we can be there too as it looks like the brewery's are calling clint's name!

3/17/2006 6:18 PM

Blogger hairball said...

stay? you want to steal my carter ;) yes, he got back safe though he probably already called you. his favorite story to tell so far is how he "made you fall down the hill and took a picture" although he is such a nice guy he didn't take the pic after you actually fell

3/18/2006 10:42 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Oh, he did take a picture.. Once he was able to stop laughing long enough.. Then he teased me about it every few hours until he got on the plane.. and again when he called me to say he'd gotten home ok....

3/18/2006 11:17 AM


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