24 June 2008

The Great Taco Adventure

Such an adventure was had while the Taco's were here!!

There were geocache finds.. (That crazy hat was a Travel Bug that Mrs. Taco left at the original cache)

And a jet boat ride..

And waterfalls.. The first one is taken from the jet boat, the second is from Silver Falls State Park.

And a trip to the coast..

And even we even found Big Foot!! (Well, the Big Feet, Small Feet, Feet Feet Feet cache anyway)

And there are dozens of other pics I could post, but they should be back in AZ soon and can show you all their pics and tell the stories when they get home..

It was a super great time!! Oh, except for that one thing.... While caching the first day, CAT and I both ended up with poison oak on our right legs.. And we're both almost insane from it!!!

This is how my leg looked on Saturday..

And how it looks today, at the height of the itchy madness!! You'd think I would have learned my lesson last summer!!!

19 June 2008

In the Outside..

Last weekend CAT and I decided that the weather was far too nice to be at home, so we packed up all our camping equipment (seriously, you would have though we were going for a month instead of 3 days) and headed over to Swift Reservoir. I went early to get a campsite with access to the water and he came up after work with the kayaks..

It wasn't exactly warm at night, the firewood that CAT picked up on his way to the campground was uncooperative and so he had to really work to keep it burning, and the wind made the water quite choppy, but we had all the needed things for a nice campout.. (Well, except for Alex, who had to stay home.. It would have been too hard to kayak/fish if she was with us..)

Fire.. (for those of you in AZ who can't have such things while camping)

Grilled jumbo shrimp.. (I can't seem to camp without them)

Beautiful moonlit nights..

And fish.. (they were kind of small, but they had stocked the reservoir with 60,000 last month so there were a LOT of them)

It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.. Well, except for that one thing... There is just something so obstreperously iniquitous (it warrants the use of extreme vocabulary) with being woken up at 7:30 while camping.. Not by the screeching crows, someone's generator (those should be banned from campsites!), or the kids in the next campsite yelling, but by the sound of heavy machinery!!??!!!

The snow melt brings down massive amounts of deadwood every spring, that they have to remove from the reservoir and dispose of (remnants of the 1980 Mt. St Helens' eruption. yes, 27 years later and it's still causing a mess).. I get that it needs to be done, but at 7:30 on a Saturday???? I think NOT!!

Next adventure; The Taco's arrive tomorrow evening!! Yeah for visitors!!!! Oh crap. I better get the house clean :)