13 April 2009


I'll let Abenanna tell you all about her visit, but I'll just say that we had a wonderful time.. And I thought I'd put this picture up.

Today I was delivering lunch to the Day Center and we had a special guest.. And I was able to get a picture signed.. I was never a fan of the show, but I did love her character..


Blogger tif-do said...

That's very cool! Oh was she ever naughty... love to hate her!

4/13/2009 7:43 PM

Blogger tif-do said...

Your blogger doesn't let me be a follower... maybe that would fix it!

4/14/2009 7:20 AM

Blogger lvh said...

this picture started coming up so slowly that at first, I thought it was the little brat from the brady bunch. Instead it's the other little brat - i'm thinking she's probably a little older now huh and hopefully a lot nicer. Yeah fun.

4/14/2009 7:33 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

She was there because she's doing a fundraiser for the Cascade Aids Project. Yes, she is incredibly nice.

4/14/2009 10:22 AM


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