31 October 2006


A card for all of yous.....
(spelling mistake intentional)...

29 October 2006


No, not Halloween costumes. It was a Very Brady Birthday for my friend Bobbi's birthday party.. And with Jill's sewing collaboration and my friend Brijin's assistance, Alex and I had great costumes.. Not wanting to do the normal thing, I was the dog (Tiger) and Alex was the station wagon..

(More to come.. Vacation's over and tonight it's back to work... Must take a nap now..)

02 October 2006

Honestly, could they be any cuter???

Kris was able to locate some of Chadrik's siblings in her backyard. The above and below pics are Chadrik (on the right) with his sister (in the middle) and his brother, Kimba (on the left)..

This is Kimba's new daddy, Van.. He is one of the guys I know from the day center.. He was so happy to get Kimba that he almost cried. It was a very special day for Van. This morning he awoke homeless and alone. Today he got a place to stay and a best friend...

And, as if Alex wasn't already mad enough at me, this is the newest addition to the family.. I just brought her home today and am still working on a name.. But how was I supposed to resist this face????