21 June 2006

Big Brother W IS Watching!

Being as I have a bazillion things to do before I head out on Friday, I really don't have time to be writing here, but I can't stop thinking about this.

My friend E has returned to the states from Belgium where she's been studying and interning at the embassy. She'll be at Princeton working temporarily before taking a few weeks of vacation and then returning to Belgium to work at the embassy and get yet another masters degree...

Anyway, not wanting to be without a phone while here, she went yesterday and bought a pay-as-you go phone. A couple hours later, she got a phone call. NOT from someone in her family or a friend that she would have given the number to. She got a phone call from the US Ambassador to Belgium, calling from Brussels. How is it that he has her number??

This government has gotten out of control! You know how when you call a customer service number and you get the standard recording, "This call may be monitored for quality control"? I feel like every time I make a call now, I should be hearing someone say, "This call may be monitored for a myriad of reasons that you have no right to know about. Do not be afraid. Big brother will keep you safe."

I don't feel safe. I do, however, have a bad case of the heebie-jeebies!!

I wish I could understand ONE policy that this administration has. Just one!! Are YOU a republican?? Please help me understand.. I really want to!! (not that democrats are perfect, but that's not my current point)

Why is it ok if the guy down the street has a collection of assault rifles, that the government has no right to require him to register, but E can't buy a cell phone without them keeping tabs??

Why is it ok to open public lands to development for things like oil, natural gas, and logging, but the corporations shouldn't be heavily regulated protect the environment??

Why should a 15 year old girl be forced to have a child, even though she might be pregnant because she was brutally raped by her father??

Why do I not have the right to fall in love and get married, even though (at the time of her death) my PE teacher and her girlfriend had been together longer than my parents??

Why are corporations making billions of dollars so we can occupy Iraq, but Portland will have to close another 5 schools this summer (making it 11 in two years)??

When did WE THE PEOPLE lose control of our government? When did corporations and religious organizations take control?? And how long will you accept it??


Blogger leaner said...

I know how you feel. Totally know how you feel! Its insane, and hey maybe one of our family could explain it while we are at the reunion (LOL because you know that we will be surrounded by W supporters.)

Will and I are so confused on the policies that are in practice in our country right now, the "gay marriage ban" seems like the topper on an extremly bad pile of garbage. I can't understand why we have such strict laws on things like NUDITY on TV, yet violence is ok? (I am still confused why the "wardrobe malfunction" during the superbowl was such a big deal, yet around the same time we were watching our local news and they had flashes of some primetime show that was featuring murder and dead bodies- and they SHOWED the fake dead bodies ON MORNING TV! Who wants to see that FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.)

Ok, getting totally off topic, huh?

Anyway- goodluck getting ready to coem see us!

6/22/2006 9:01 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

You know it's that occational boob on tv that will make your kid turn out bad. It has nothing to do with the fact that average wages for the working class have actually gone down, when inflation is factored in, though CEOs are making hundreds of millions of dollars (Why isn't there a salary cap??). And that minimum wage hasn't increased in 9 years (the republicans voted against raising that again just yesterday), though in the past 9 years Congress has given themselves a $30,000 raise. Most Americans stuggle to make ends meet while their kids are raised in day care..

6/22/2006 10:23 AM


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