24 January 2007

Notes From the Chill Zone..

*** For Abenanna who asked that I make a note on the weather :)

Where have I been, you wonder?? Honestly, it's been down right cold in my house, and since I am living with limited heat (my electrical system will only let me run two space heaters at one time or it trips the fuse), the room with the computer tends to be too cold to function in.. To sit in here online means to risk frost bite of the toes... Ok, maybe not, but you do catch a chill that takes a while to shake since there's nowhere really warm in the house...

We had two weeks of horrible weather.. It snowed and snowed and it was down right freezing.. Not a good combination when the space heaters were only able to heat my house to a not quite tepid 56 degrees on most days (I don't even want to know how cold it was in the non-heated rooms).. So I'd come home from work, snuggle on the couch with my blanket and a glass of wine, and almost look forward to work so I could drive around with heat.. But I have to admit, it was really pretty outside...

Why don't I just turn on my heater, you ask? Because it's an oil furnace from the 1940's and though I filled up the tank last year (that should have lasted 2 1/2 winters), it ran dry in November (thought is that the tank is leaking). Since then I've been dealing with the cold.. Thanks to LVH and Mr LVH's assistance, I have a new heat system sitting in boxes in my living room.. It's a radiant heat system which I'm really excited about.. Or I would be, if it wasn't sitting in boxes in my living room...
It's an "install yourself" system, which means that I've had to convince my handy friends to assist. Joe has been drilling holes to run tubing (he's almost half way done), and Brijin helped me rip out the old duct work. 60+ years of dust also came down with the ducts, which left one huge mess...

But I still have to run all the tubing, plan and install the the supply lines, and hook up all the plumbing to the new water heater... The way progress is being made, I may have heat sometime this spring.. Good thing it's warmed up the past few days...

And now that you've all had a recent NW weather report, know that I'll be back with something exciting to say soon.. Perhaps after I buy some slippers... ;)


Blogger Carter said...

Very Pretty outside. I hope you get some heat soon, that is some cold temps for indoors! Love ya!

1/24/2007 7:34 PM

Blogger abeNanna said...

Thanks for sharing and freezing to do it. Those pictures are beautiful and keep me 'membering the reason I actually enjoy being hot in the summer.

Next time I whine about it getting below 60 degrees outside - in the middle of the day - I will remember that it could be worse.

Now on to our homework assignment.

Why is Alex's Human special... when we were both much younger other than spending hours playing Yahtzee we had a lot of fun with you visiting our home. You have always been so special to me, and really you are closer to my age than I am to my oldest brothers. I remember your smurf village, and my favorite was when you wanted to keep briep since she lookes so cute among your pile of stuffed animals.

Do you remember the long hike we went on in the Superstitions, and it was really hot for you and LVH?

You are an important part of my life, more than you will ever know. When we meet someone who is asking for a handout, abe has no problem giving them a dollar or two. You are like that, you share what you have with others. What a great example you are to those around you.

Thanks so much for being you

1/26/2007 7:55 PM

Blogger dacheese said...

Good luck with living in the cold! I do not think I could do it. I am my mommies child. I whine when it gets to cold!!!

1/30/2007 7:34 PM


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