07 September 2006

Almost Finished..

If you've ever watched the TV show, "While you were out", then you know what life was like around here this morning.. Dan and are both completely exhausted!! But, with the exception of the sink hookups, we got it done..

Though, now that I put these pics up, I see that we should have wiped up the dust on the floor with a wet cloth.. I'll put that on my list of stuff to do...... LATER....


Blogger tif-do said...

I can't believe how great your bathroom looks. You are amazing. Big change from the purple-blue bathroom.

9/07/2006 1:47 PM

Blogger purplelurple said...

It looks so pretty. You guys did a great job.

9/07/2006 3:56 PM

Blogger Believe said...

You baathroom came out good. I like the wood floor. If I ever get a day off I am going to get my 2 rooms finished. I have Austin's bedroom to do and my computer room. You did a real good job if you get bored come on over and finish mine.

9/11/2006 8:29 PM

Blogger lvh said...

It does look good - I was totally amazed - definitely doesn't look anything like it did last time I was there. Good job girl!!!

9/13/2006 12:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Amazing to see the transformation. Well done.

9/14/2006 2:29 PM


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