30 August 2006

Taking a Chance..

Two weeks ago, as we sat outside the day center talking after lunch, it's hard to say which broke my heart more. He told me of how he'd had to put his dog down the week before because her kidneys had failed, something I understood since that's what had happened to Peaches so many years ago. And I couldn't imagine losing Alex, who I've become so co-dependant on over the years.. Then he told me of how he'd come to have the bruise the was fading around his blackened eye..

I couldn't help myself from stating the obvious. I pleaded with him, "You HAVE to get away from him.." He tried to smile as his eyes started to tear up. "Where would I go?", was his response..

Since I knew that they'd not really been living anywhere, spending time with random friends, or sleeping in his car, or most recently they've been living in a tent in someone's backyard I couldn't understand how leaving would be any worse.. But I knew what he was going through, having spent a few years in a horribly miserable relationship myself, and knowing how it was to feel helpless to find a way to escape from someone. I couldn't possibly stand by and let this continue..

So as of yesterday I have a new roommate.. His name is Dan, and he's fabulous..


Blogger tif-do said...

Have I told you lately what an extrememly awesome person you are. You are one of the best there is. LOVE YA!

8/30/2006 6:19 PM

Blogger TLC said...

Can I say, I'm not surprised with your invitation? Good luck with the situation and hope you two can share a healing bond that last for a lifetime! Can't wait to hear all about it!

8/31/2006 12:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one of those truly rare and wonderful people that the world is so much better off for having!

By the way, you are also an awesome plumber by the looks of things, great job on that bathroom.

8/31/2006 1:01 PM

Blogger leaner said...

Yeah- ditto to what the other said.
Good Luck with your new roomie!

9/01/2006 6:19 PM


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