03 August 2006

Happy Birthday to...

Today is a special day!.. Today I got to put a hat on Alex (sheer torture, if you ask her) and made her pose for a picture. Later, we'll go to Dairy Queen for the annual birthday ice cream cone. There are plenty of "Happy Birthday!"s and oodles of hugs (almost as torturous as the hat) for my favorite kid as we celebrate her 6th birthday..

Even better, tonight I get to call my brother and wish him a happy birthday. And more importantly, remind him that I love him.. I really do, and I'm so lucky to have him for a brother..

--To be continued....


Blogger TLC said...

Now that is one fine looking pup! You did it - you mothered a puppy and lived to tell about it! She's one lucky dog to have you as a mother!

Your brother is a lucky dog to have you as a sis just as well. Ah - you're pretty lucky as a sister to have such a big hearted brother and I may add - sis-in-law. I can feel the love...

8/03/2006 6:11 PM

Blogger lvh said...

I was scanning pictures into the computer (trying to get your photo album done so I can bring it to you) and came across the picture of you and Blaine celebrating Peach's 1st birthday. In that picture you all 3 had hats on so I want to know if you stuck a hat on your head as well??

8/06/2006 1:32 PM

Blogger TLC said...

Crispin loves this photo - so we always have to come look at it.

8/07/2006 8:37 AM


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