30 July 2006

Assembly complete..

Close to 70 pieces of wood and at least 750 screws and various assorted hardware later... I have finished assembling the bathroom furniture.. Now it's time to rip apart the old one...


Blogger lvh said...

OK - I am so jealous now that stuff is gorgeous but we don't have an ikea anywhere around here :-( I want to redo my bathroom.....

7/31/2006 5:05 AM

Blogger TLC said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job in picking out that piece!

7/31/2006 5:25 AM

Blogger leaner said...

Coolio! Now don't you feel like you accomplished something? LOL!
It looks great, and I know how hard since IKEA is the place of millions of little pieces!
I like the walls, they are a neat paint job.

8/01/2006 9:29 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Yes, the million little pieces and the instuctions with only illustrations and no words.. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with a screw driver and the ever handy allen wrench..

8/01/2006 2:51 PM


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