29 July 2006

Bathroom Sink

With only a month until G'ma and LVH come to visit, I decided it was time to start on my bathroom.. Ok, so I bought the cabinets last fall. And I think I installed the backerboard in the shower like two years ago. And, yes, I've had friends refer to my "ghetto shower" because I've been using vice grips to turn on the water ever since I made it possible to take a shower in there. (when I moved in there was only a bathtub..) And there have been boxes of slate piled around for longer than I can recall.. But progress is being made....

Today I grabbed my handy DeWalt screwdriver and my rubber mallet and opened a few of the Ikea boxes that have been stacked in the spare bedroom. An hour and a half later and with only one piece that had to be re-assembled, (pretty good since there were literally 20+ pieces of wood and 165 various screws and other pieces of hardware) I have a bathroom sink...

I'd better go ahead and get the matching shelves put together while I'm at it... Then it's time to start ripping out the old floor... I'm almost scared of this moment of motivation..


Blogger tif-do said...

Wow, that's great. Doesn't it feel good to get a project (no matter how big or small done) I love the paint in the background, did you do that to?

7/29/2006 1:58 PM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

Yes, though I'm currently getting frustrated by trying to get the doors to the medicine cabinet straight..

That's the paint in the empty bedroom.. I did that three years ago.. It's just a darker brown ragged over a lighter brown.. It's easy to do, but would work much better if two people were doing it cause, if not, you have to do it in sections and then you can see where you stopped..

7/29/2006 2:24 PM

Blogger TLC said...

great little sink cabinet! Your motivation is pretty scary! What was wrong w/ poor alex that you had to take her to the vet???

7/29/2006 6:16 PM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

One of her anal gland's got infected and ruptured. They had to shave around her butt and drain the gland.. It was quite ugly... But she's feeling so much better...

7/29/2006 6:37 PM

Blogger lvh said...

I am glad you clarified where that paint was cause the last time I saw our bathroom it was dark purple and blue. I like that - that's what I would like in my bedroom - come over and help me (or at least tell me what two colors you used so I can replicate that.) G'ma and I can turn on a shower with vice grips ;-) Love ya

7/30/2006 6:46 AM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

That's good to know since I can't 100% guarantee that the shower will be finished before you get here. I still need to redo the plumbing for the shower, and I might have to hire someone to do that... But I can promise that the bathroom will no longer be purple and blue, and there will be new cabinets, toilet, and a slate floor..

7/30/2006 11:05 AM


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