22 August 2006

Goodbye Scary Bathroom : Part 5

Well, I here I am. Taking a break from the mess that is my bathroom.. As you can see it looks like a volcano erupted in there with all the dust that the sander has caused.. It's pretty bad when I have to sweep the walls.. (Note; this is one day's worth of dust! I have been cleaning it up everyday, or the dust would easily be over 1/4 inch thick..)

But I'm happy to say that almost all of the sanding is now complete.. I just have a few spots around the edges to touch up.. However, there is more water damage than I had hoped around the toilet, so I may have to put a small accent area of slate around that, but that will have to wait until I'm ready to put the slate up in the shower.. (sometime next year at this rate)

Today, after a lot of mess and two trips to the local hardware store, I have the new toilet in place..

A plumber, I could never be.. It's too foul for me.. And now (feeling like big time white trash with my old toilet scattered in the back yard so it can dry before I smash it for the trash can), I really need to go take a LONG shower..


Blogger hairball said...

HOORAY!!! What a pretty floor. Maybe the bathroom will be ready for the family reunion wink*wink*

8/24/2006 11:09 PM


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