04 September 2006

Bathroom: Construction on Hold..

So there I was. Out in the back yard putting the garbage out in the alley, when I decided to grab my handy rechargeable saw and trim the tree back a bit so I wouldn't have to duck around it whenever I walked through the yard.. Things went well and it was looking not so much like a jungle out there, so I called it good and went inside..

A few minutes later, I'm in on the couch, swearing I'm about to die from the pain in my lower back, unable to move without misery.. I've no idea what I did to it, but I've spent all day on a heating pad thinking about how miserable life is going to be when I have to go into work tonight..

Will the bathroom be finished by Thursday?.. Honestly, it's not looking good......


Blogger TLC said...

Sorry to hear about your back episode. I suffered from something similar last night too. Unlike you, I can't put off labor if it comes on. So, take it easy and if your bathroom doesn't get done, it's no big deal. If you do too much, your back won't get any better and you'll be out longer. Do the minimium and have alex do the rest!

9/05/2006 6:28 AM

Blogger lvh said...

Hey - I told you not to work so hard that you can't enjoy the pain of having your mother there for a few days. You had better take it easy - we aren't coming to see a bathroom, we're coming to see you. We are in Spokane tonight and G'ma is having a pity party feeling sorry for herself cause "things always happen to me". Can I run away now?? Anyway - we'll be there to drive you crazy in about 40 hours

9/05/2006 6:28 PM

Blogger Alex's Human said...

That's good to know. Because at this rate, I'm going to be doing good to get this place livable..

See you guys soon..

9/05/2006 7:42 PM


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